My Chemical Romance Luncurkan Lagu Terbaru The Foundations of Decay, Berikut Lirik dan Link Videonya

- 13 Mei 2022, 16:50 WIB
Grup band punk, My Chemical Romance (MCR).
Grup band punk, My Chemical Romance (MCR). /Twitter / @MTVNEWS/

GALAMEDIA - My Chemical Romance (MCR) kembali luncurkan lagu terbaru, berjudul The Foundations of Decay.

Lagu The Foundations of Decay, diproduseri oleh Frank Iero, Gerard Way Ray Toro dan Doug McKean. MCR merilis lagu The Foundations of Decay pada Jumat, 13 Mei 2022.

Berikut ini lirik lagu The Foundations of Decay yang dirilis My Chemical Romance:

See the man who stands upon the hill
He dreams of all the battles won
But fate had left its scars upon his face
With all the damage they had done

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And so time, with age
He turns the page
Let the flesh
Submit itself to gravity

Let our bodies lay while our hearts we'll save
Let our blood invade if I die in vain
Now, if your convictions were a passing faith
May your ashes feed the river in the morning rays
And as the vermin crawls
We lay in the foundations of decay

He was there, the day the towers fell
And so he wandered down the road
And we would all build towers of our own
Only to watch the rooms corrode

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